The energy landscape of today is decarbonising with technology advancement and a companies with a passion for a NET ZERO future.


People and action will make this a reality:

(CCUS or CCS) has a key role to play in net zero ambitions.


In the drive to tackle global warming CCUS is an effective way of reducing carbon emissions. The three-step process, involving: capturing the carbon dioxide produced by power generation or industrial activity; transporting it; and then storing it deep underground. 

As well as drawing resources from established energy markets into this exciting area the team at EnergiLink understand the value of experts to lead the charge. 

Our networks in this field are built from both professionals who have dedicated their focus to CCUS and sequestration, whose expertise are invaluable to the transition as well as those who have more recently changed the direction of their careers – all sharing one thing: a thirst for change.

We work with a full range of clients in the space from exciting start up’s launching new technologies to super majors looking to change the course of the future.

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Grey Hydrogen

The most common form of hydrogen, it's created from fossil fuels and the process releases carbon dioxide which is not captured.

Whilst generally not the most popular route to achieve our Net Zero targets The EnergiLink team feel strongly that all skills from all parts of the energy sector must be utilised to achieve a more sustainable future. We work with professionals with a background in Grey Hydrogen and a knowledge of how the utilisation of this valuable skillset can be.

Blue Hydrogen


Blue hydrogen uses the same process as grey, except this time the carbon is captured and stored. This makes it much more environmentally friendly; the process of course comes with added technical challenges and a big increase in cost but is a route that many companies feel has a strong future and therefore huge mandate to grow.


EnergiLink works with professionals against all stages of the Blue hydrogen process and some exciting companies who are combining the technology with other fuels to become carbon negative.


Green Hydrogen


The desire for the future is a net-zero world where all our energy comes from emission-free sources.


We step away from fossil fuels, and utilise energy from some areas as green hydrogen using electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a wind or solar power, then the hydrogen is referred to as being green.


This is an area that many of our clients are looking towards for the future transition of growth of their businesses. The main challenges faced will be to secure top talent within a candidate scarce market.

Connecting people who feel an excitement to change the course of the planet whilst keeping a realism
about the route to get there.

Leaders who come with proven experience of making change.


Teams keen to make a difference. Contact us for more information

Geothermal has been a consistent – and expanding – source of energy in recent years.

Geothermal energy is the heat that comes from the sub-surface of the earth. It is contained in the rocks and fluids beneath the earth’s crust and can be found as far down to the earth’s hot molten rock, magma.

Geothermal projects are in over 20 countries and is another sector with a focus of expansion.

EnergiLink works with some of the leading companies in the field from service providers and operator expanding their offering to small start-up companies with funding to grow.

Geothermal has a huge part to play in the Energy transition and a small candidate pool of experts.

EnergiLink recognises that the utilisation of subsurface skillsets will be integral to growth, as will the experts who have focussed on this area for decades.

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Our team shares an opinion that there is no ‘one answer’ to the Climate crisis but we know that it’s the people
that will make the difference. 


With the growth plans in action for all of these sectors and an ever increasing need for Energy we support our client’s open-mindedness to utilise skillsets across a diverse pool to achieve a more sustainable future.


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